Wednesday, April 2, 2014

10 Months ~ LOTS of pictures!

10 months already?! Time is going way too fast. I can't believe Carter will be a year in only 2 more months (though I am super excited about his first birthday!).

Remember, that cute video I posted last month of Chap running like a tiny Charlie Chaplin? lol That only lasted a few days. Now he sticks both arms up in the air and demands to "Go, go!". We hold his little hands and help him walk everywhere. He was taking a few tentative steps like that last month, but now he wants to walk all the time and has endless energy. Just a day or 2 before his 10 month birthday, Carter really started getting the hang of his lion push walker. He went from only taking one or two shaky steps before falling over to being able to walk the length of the downstairs with almost zero help! He's also become really adept at using his sit-in walker and likes to go outside and walk around in it. He just might be walking all on his own by the end of this month!

Grandma Nilo bought him a big red bouncy ball this month and Carter loves to kick it around the house.

His fascination with cars and trucks runs deep and we continue indulging it by buying new toy cars. His current favorite is a red race car that you shake, then set it down and watch it zoom away. Carter loves to shake it and shake it and shake it, then throw it down. He can get it to go pretty far with alllllll the shaking he does first! :)

Carter still loves books too; his current favorite is The Little Blue Truck and The Little Blue Truck Leads the Way. He wants us to read those books over and over and over. If he is throwing a tantrum, we sit him in our lap and show him the book, and he is instantly calm. He still loves to help turn the pages too, slamming them down from one side to the other.

Carter went on his first playdates this month. First, we went to Chuck E Cheese with several of my co-workers and their kids. Carter had so much fun riding the little rides! Then we went to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana during Spring Break, again meeting up with some of my coworkers. They had a special bubble exhibit, and even though we got there too late to see the bubble laser show, Carter loved splashing in the bubble solution and playing at the water table. He also went in a bounce house for the first time. I had to take him in since he's not walking or standing alone yet, but he loved it! He had so much fun walking on the bouncy ground and jumping up and down with me. 

He also attended a birthday party for the first time! We went to the Chino Youth Museum and Carter SO wanted to be like the big kids. He had a blast! He's attending another birthday party this Saturday and yet another one in early May. Popular boy!

We also went to the beach this month, which wasn't our first time at the beach, was Carter's first time enjoying a dip in the water. We went to Huntington Beach in mid-March, intending to just walk around downtown and along the pier, but Carter had other ideas, and decided to "go,go!" his way right into the water. After getting by a small wave, soaking his clothes, and still wanting more, we stripped him down to his diaper and spent some time playing in the water. That prompted a shopping trip to buy him a new pair of trunks, a rash guard, and flip flops, and we went back a week or two later. He is officially a beach baby now! We can't wait for our Maui vacation this summer!

We went to Claremont's Farmers' Market this month and took advantage of the warm weather and let Carter splash around in the fountains there. He loved it, of course, since he loves anything having to do with water. We practically had to drag him away!

We've visited La Jolla many, many times since Chappy's been born, but this was the first time we went to the Birch Aquarium there. We're members of the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, so we're a little spoiled when it comes to aquariums, but we still had a fun time. One of the employees held up a sea cucumber for Carter to touch too, since most of the creatures in the touch pools were too far for him to reach.

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